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Celebrate those important milestones as a family. Baby photos, family gatherings, or just a fun photoshoot to celebrate a birthday.  We provide competitive prices and outstanding professional service at our elegant Burnaby studio or on-location. Or, call us to arrange a family photo fundraising night at your school!

Our mission is to provide amazing family photography with a variety of options, backgrounds and styles. We pride ourselves on having some of the best pricing in the industry backed by our 40+ years of experience.

How to Prepare for Family Photos

With a bit of prep you can ensure that your family photo shoot is perfect and celebrates your very best. Here are some tips to help you plan your family photo session.



Great to Coordinate.

Coordinating outfits and dressing in complementary colours is a great idea for family photos. Bright and solid colours make for the best photos.Keep clothing simple so as not to date your photos. 



Glasses are cool.

 Glare is not.

Wearing glasses may result in glass glare and/or shadows on the face, and are more difficult to retouch. For best results, please consider asking your child to remove their glasses for their photos.



Look your best.

Please check that hair is groomed and neat, especially children's. Hair cuts should be booked a week in advance for the best look. Hats are not recommended.



More Advice

  1. Long-sleeves are preferred. Tank tops are not recommended.

  2. It is best to schedule haircuts one week before photo day.

  3. Jackets are not recommended unless with a suit or as a prop.

  4. Make sure shoes are clean and/or polished as we may be taking full-length shots.

  5. Avoid wearing stripes or busy patterns.

Family Prep
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