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Below find tips for Administrators regarding Graduation, 

School photography or other services we offer, including "How to order staff photos" and student data upload instructions.  


Thank you in advance for your assistance with this very important process. Without this information, we will be unable to photograph your school and will need to reschedule your photo day.


Please provide student and staff data files a MINIMUM of 10 WORKING DAYS before your photo session.


Student data is required as the following:

school name, last name, first name, div./homeroom, student id in excel or .CSV format.


Staff data is required as:

last name, first name, division/homeroom

School staff will receive a complimentary printed package (1-5x7, 4 wallets) that will be shipped to the school. To purchase additional photos, staff can refer to the "How to Order" page by clicking here.

Visit our website to purchase additional photos:

Student and Staff Data File Upload

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

Please only submit .csv or .xlsx