Elementary School


We provide custom photography services designed to meet your school's specific needs. Our state-of-the-art studio is located in Burnaby and is completely Covid-19 compliant.

Our dedicated professionals take the time to work with the students to create great photos and a memorable photo experience. We are committed to working for you so that you get what's best for your school.


Portraits of students, parents, teachers and families with a variety of backgrounds, layouts, and style options. 



A variety of backgrounds to suit your needs and tastes. Students can choose their own background and order online.



Let us create a beautiful softcover yearbook for your school. 

How To Prepare For Photo Day

Parents, before your children leave for school on photo day, please remember to look them over and help them look their best. Faces that are clean and clothes that are stain-free will make for great photos!


Neat and


Clothing is an important part of portrait photography. Simple is always a great choice. A well-fitting collared shirt, sweater, dress, or neat t-shirt are terrific options. 



Glasses are cool.

 Glare is not.

Wearing glasses may result in glass glare and/or shadows on the face, and are more difficult to retouch. For best results, please consider asking your child to remove their glasses for their photos.



Avoid a bad

hair day.

Please be aware that wearing a hat for even a short period of time before being photographed may result in "hathead”. This can be avoided if your child keeps their hat off until after their first photos.


More Advice

  1. Bright and solid colours will make for the best photos

  2. Please avoid solid white clothing or solid green clothing

  3. Long-sleeves are preferred. Tank tops are not recommended

  4. Ensure your child’s hair is neat and well-groomed

  5. It is best to schedule haircuts one week before photo day

  6. The photographer will take pictures as the child is dressed

  7. Jackets are not recommended unless with a suit or as a prop



What are some tips for great photos?

Long sleeves are recommended, and small patterns or solid bright colours photograph best. Avoid wearing stripes or very pale colours. It's also best to avoid wearing green or solid white if your school is being photographed using green screen technology. Hair should be neat.

Can I order if I missed the Due Date?

Yes. If the photo orders have already been picked up from your school, please go online to myorder.mountainwest.ca and use the login code from your order envelope. Orders will be shipped directly to your home.

Where’s our class group photo?

Due to COVID, Mountain West is producing class group composites in place of class group photos. Most schools that have individual portraits taken in the Fall have their group photos taken in the Spring. If a school opts for group photos in the Fall, the group photos will most often arrive after the individual portraits.

I'm not 100% satisfied with my photos. Can I get retakes?

Due to COVID, second photo days will be scheduled if not restricted by provincial COVID guidelines. Parents will be informed by the school if a confirmed retake date is scheduled.

I like the package I’ve received. Can I order more?

Yes! Order more photos online at myorder.mountainwest.ca.

I have kids in multiple schools. Why are the prices different?

We offer differential pricing based upon the program offered to your school. However, online prices are lower than ordering at school. Ordering online is your best value, provides the quickest turnaround and packages are shipped directly to the home.

Do you have a family plan?

Yes. For families with three or more children ordering online, you will receive a 25% discount that will automatically be applied to your order.

Are the finished enlargements exactly like the previews?

Previews are not colour-corrected for printing purposes. The finished enlargements will be "cropped" slightly (excess background removed), and corrected for density, colour, and position. Any remnants of green from the replacement background will also be removed completely.