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Keeping Our

Customers Safe

Covid-19 Photo Day Information

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our customers and communities safe we have set a number of safety protocols and responsibilities for Photographers and School Administrators in preparation for, and during photography sessions.

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Covid 19 Protocols

Primary Responsibilities for Schools


Photo Day

  1. Please provide a photo location where social distancing can be accommodated.

  2. Please submit special requests or unique setup requests prior to photo day. 


Photo Day

  1. Please help ensure students are adhering to Covid-19 guidlines and keep 2 metres distance between themselves and the photographer.

  2. Please help manage lineups that can develop at the entry and exit of the photo area(s).

  3. Please assist with special needs students to help maintain added guidelines.

Primary Responsibilities for Photographers



  1. The photo location will be set up with social distancing markers 2 metres from the camera.

  2. All props handled by students will be sanitized

  3. Photographers may not break social distance rules for any reason.

  4. Photographers will wear a mask and gloves.

  5. Any adjustments to the model will be done with verbal commands and hand signals.

  6. The setup will be for standing photos only.

Photo Area


  1. The photo area will be a 3.1 m x 4.6 m or larger area.

  2. The camera will be a minimum of 2 metres from the student/staff (photographer’s bubble).

  3. Students will be lined up a minimum of 2 metres from the posing mat and a minimum of 2 metres from each other within 10 metres of the photographer’s bubble.

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