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We make your convocation or on-location shoot easy and worry-free. We handle all the equipment and details so you can focus on looking your best.

Please be sure that you book an appointment with one of our representatives well in advance of your desired shoot date. 

Our photographers are experienced, approachable, and friendly. If you have any questions, you only need ask. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. We will provide assistance with posing to ensure everyone looks their best.

Online Ordering

Choose from the many convenient payment programs and packages available to your school.


Fashion Forward

The classics are cool but fashion is more important than ever. Stand out and celebrate the real you. 


Group Photos

Celebrate your crew with awesome group photos that will stand the test of time and so you always look amazing. 

Convocation FAQ
  • What is a Student Data File?
    This is a file which is generated by your school administration software, and contains student information such as firstname, lastname, grade, division, and student#.
  • What is an ASCII file?
    An ASCII file is another name for a Student Data File (see above). It's a plain-text file, readable by all computer types and operating systems. It does not contain any formatting (ie. boldface, page breaks, etc.) except for carriage returns. "ASCII" (pronounced "ASS-key") stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
  • Who needs to do this?
    If you are requesting digital services, it is imperative that we receive information about your students in order for us to identify them. If we do not receive this information, we cannot produce digital services for your school.
  • When should we do this?
    We require your data file at least 10 days prior to your photo day. We appreciate that school administrators are extremely busy, particularly in the first weeks of school, but without this data we will not know the identities of the students and will not be able to produce the services that you have requested.
  • What if not all of the students have registered yet?
    If we receive a file with "most" of the students, we can work around it by manually adding those students on photo day. If we receive "no" information we cannot create any digital services.
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